Enzo’s New Electric Train

By now anyone who reads my posts knows that our little guy LOVES trains. At home he has wooden trains, pull-back trains, Thomas trains, remote control trains and even candy trains. But his mothers and I thought he was old enough now to enjoy his first HO gauge electric train. So for Christmas I orderd … [Read more…]

New Year in Alamo

What better way to greet the new year than with our grandson Enzo. While Momma Bun and Mommy Colleen attended a late night concert in Oakland, Enzo stayed overnight with Nonni and Poppi. The next afternoon Enzo had everyone marching through the house blowing our official New Yeras horns. Enzo and Colleen Welcome 2010 from … [Read more…]

Icing Gingerbread Cookies

What would Christmas be without Nonni baking (well … icing anyway) cookies with Enzo. Colleen provided the cookies, Nonni the icing, and Enzo the enthusiasm. Enzo and Judy Icing Cookies at Christmas from John DeAngelo on Vimeo.

Enzo Visits Train Exhibit

Wednesday is always a special days for Nonni and Poppi.  That’s the day Enzo is off from school and we usually do something at our house or nearby that he likes to do.  Yesterday we visited the seasonal European train exhibit at the Backhawk Car Museum in Danville (an interesting visit in itself). Enzo at … [Read more…]

Enzo at Water Park

Enzo and Adrienne paid a surprise visit  this past Monday, and it seemed a perfect time to explore a recently discovered park situated midway between Alamo and Danville, off Danville Road.

The Balloon Man

We spent a wonderful four days with our grandson, Enzo. One of things we love most about the little guy is his unbridled enthusiasm for all things, big and small … particularly if balloons or trains are involved. Last Saturday he accompanied us to the Danville Market where The Ballon Man sets up shop. Here … [Read more…]

Enzo Comes East

Near the end of June and just before Judy and I moved to California, Bun, Colleen and Enzo visited Colleen’s family in Maryland, and Bun’s family in South Jersey. Most of these shots were taken at my brother’s home in Swedesboro. My mother Mary, bothers Joe, Bob, Dennis, and sister Jennie threw a going away … [Read more…]

Some Recent Photos of Little “E”

We recently spent 10 days visiting family on the left coast in the east bay area.  What made the visit particularly exciting this time (we love visiting California anytime), was the opportunity to baby sit for our grandson Enzo.  Adrienne and Colleen would be celebrating Adrienne’s birthday at a charming little inn on the Russian … [Read more…]

Enzo Comes East

Although we have visited the little guy twice in California since he was born in June 2006, nothing compares with having our grandson visit us at home. Mommies Adrienne and Colleen traveled East to visit Colleen’s parents in MD and the DeAngelos in South Jersey.  Enzo is now seven months old and on the verge … [Read more…]

A New Baby In Town!

On June 5, 2006, Adrienne DeAngelo and Colleen Blakelock gave birth to our first grandchild, Enzo McGraw Kazmar Blakelock.  To view this little Italianate boy wonder and learn more about him, click the photo at left.