Time To Catch Up

It’s been a while since I posted anything to my site,  I guess Facebook has made me lazy.  Just too easy to take a pic and upload it to FB. So since the last shot I posted was of grandson and Special Boy Enzo, its only fitting I bring you up to date. Here is … [Read more…]

Mothers’ Day 2012

No, the apostrophe is not in the wrong place above. Enzo is celebrating with moms Colleen and Adrienne at Monclair Bistro(Oakland). Nonni and Poppi are there too.

Shopping at Michael’s Crafts

Those Kazmar women know how to get The Boy invested in shopping early on. Here Enzo helps Nonni check out after spending nearly an hour touching every toy and craft in the store … one of Judy’s favorite places. That’s Bun with her back to the camera. Enzo at Michaels Crafts from John DeAngelo on … [Read more…]

Trick or Treat!

We had a blast accompanying Enzo on his Halloween adventure.  Together with his moms and his nonni and poppi, Enzo returned to his old neighborhood in the Rockridge area of Oakland.  I must say, I saw more old-fashioned Halloween spirit … maybe more … than when I was a kid growing up in blue collar Paulsboro, … [Read more…]

“I Didn’t Burn Down the Cake!”

Halloween is big enough to merit celebrations throughout the days leading up to the Scary Day, especially for children, which is why Enzo is blowing out the candles on an orange and green cake in the middle of the week. I Didn’t Burn Down the Cake! from John DeAngelo on Vimeo.

Gymnastics Fun

Every Wednesday Enzo attends gymnastics class in his old neighborhood. It’s amazing what kids remember from week to week. You can see how well they follow through on their assigments without constant direction from the instuctor. Gymnastics Class from John DeAngelo on Vimeo.

Swimming Lessons

This summer Enzo spent nearly every Wednesday and Saturday with Yvonne in the Alamo SQ community pool learning to swim … or maybe I should say getting comfortable in the water. Swimming is still a future goal but Enzo progressed from tentative steps in the shallow end to some degree of comfort in the mid-section … [Read more…]

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Not Enzo and Nonni. Enzo loves the story of the three little pigs who play and sing and dare the wolf to get them, only to be saved by the industrious one who builds his house of bricks. Three Pigs from John DeAngelo on Vimeo.

On Enzo’s 4th B-Day

Of late, Enzo has been enamored of the Apollo 11 astronauts. Forgetting his train obsession for a little while, Nonni and Poppi thought they would indulge his space fantasy by getting him an astronaut outfit for his 4th birthday. As this video shows, he may not be the only one fascinated by space. Enzo the … [Read more…]

“That’s Good, That’s Bad” at Monteverde

This is why we came West; watching our grandson perform in his first preschool play as a giraffe … priceless. Enzo goes to a wonderful little Montessori-type school in Berkeley called Monteverde. From time to time we pick him up at school and take him home with us. His Moms give him plenty of notice, … [Read more…]