Copia Re-opens

On Saturday, February 18, the DeAngelos attended the grand re-opening of Copia in Napa. The museum and educational center funded by Robert and Margrit Mondavi was ahead of its time when it opened in November 2001.  It struggled for several years before closing in 2008.  Of course there was no “there, there” at that time. … [Read more…]

Mothers’ Day 2012

No, the apostrophe is not in the wrong place above. Enzo is celebrating with moms Colleen and Adrienne at Monclair Bistro(Oakland). Nonni and Poppi are there too.

Shopping at Michael’s Crafts

Those Kazmar women know how to get The Boy invested in shopping early on. Here Enzo helps Nonni check out after spending nearly an hour touching every toy and craft in the store … one of Judy’s favorite places. That’s Bun with her back to the camera. Enzo at Michaels Crafts from John DeAngelo on … [Read more…]

Holiday in Sonoma

This past Saturday we traveled to Domaine Carneros, as we do every month, to pick up our allotment of pinot and sparkling wine. This time, however, we decided to make a day of it by attending a holiday show at the restored Sebastiani Theater on Sonoma Square. We had no idea what to expect. Would … [Read more…]

Going Home … Paulsboro

Mid-March I traveled back East to visit my family, especially my lovely 93-year-old mother Mary. While there, I took a few shots of our old home in Haddonfield and some places from my childhood in Paulsboro. It’s always good to go home :).

Saying Goodbye to Jon and Lisa

Our nephew Jonathan, his wife Lisa, and son Mackay are being assigned to Sierra Leone for three years (Jonathan works for the State Department). I don’t imagine we will see much of them in that time, so it was important that we had a chance to say goodbye before they left. So, those that could … [Read more…]

Geoffrey and Beth in Berkeley

Judy and I met up with old friends Geoffrey Forman and Elizabeth Lee at the restaurant “Gather” in Berkeley. It was the first time Geoff had seen Adrienne in 20 years, and the first time he met Colleen and Enzo. It was also a belated anniversary celebration for Bun and Colleen. Not only was it … [Read more…]

Bun Moves to Oakland

After spending less than a year in Albany, our daughter Adrienne, her partner Colleen, and son Enzo made the relatively short – but high – trek to Oakland Hills, close to the community they love most, Rockridge/Berkeley. Moving to Oakland Hills from John DeAngelo on Vimeo.

Enzo Comes East

Near the end of June and just before Judy and I moved to California, Bun, Colleen and Enzo visited Colleen’s family in Maryland, and Bun’s family in South Jersey. Most of these shots were taken at my brother’s home in Swedesboro. My mother Mary, bothers Joe, Bob, Dennis, and sister Jennie threw a going away … [Read more…]

Moving Day

I’ve  been working so hard disposing of “stuff” and unpacking at our new home on NoCal, I haven’t had a chance to post lately. But here is a quick video of moving day at 406. We are now comfortably ensconced in Nothern California where I am “rewiring” after 37 years at Temple University and 25 … [Read more…]