New Bedroom Vanity

From Collages When we moved to our new condo this month, we made major changes to the kitchen, which I documented on Facebook, but at the same time we made some small changes to our master bath. The old vanity (two images in bottom right corner of collage) had an ugly cultured marble top, white … [Read more…]

Bun Moves to Oakland

After spending less than a year in Albany, our daughter Adrienne, her partner Colleen, and son Enzo made the relatively short – but high – trek to Oakland Hills, close to the community they love most, Rockridge/Berkeley. Moving to Oakland Hills from John DeAngelo on Vimeo.

On Enzo’s 4th B-Day

Of late, Enzo has been enamored of the Apollo 11 astronauts. Forgetting his train obsession for a little while, Nonni and Poppi thought they would indulge his space fantasy by getting him an astronaut outfit for his 4th birthday. As this video shows, he may not be the only one fascinated by space. Enzo the … [Read more…]

Watch Live Oil Cam

UPDATE: August 4: Top kill seems to have worked. At long last the gush is crushed! I am suspending updates until BP … and the Coast Guard … give us information we can believe. June 7: according to BP, cap is capturing about 10,000 barrrels a day. June 3: Diamond-tipped saw got stuck so now … [Read more…]

Good on Philly

What’s on the menu? Food facts Phila. begins phasing in its strict new labeling law tomorrow. By Don Sapatkin Inquirer Staff Writer Swati Kapoor, 25, was about to order a double chocolate cake doughnut when she noticed something new on the rack at Dunkin’ Donuts. A tag said 290 calories. In an instant, she switched … [Read more…]

Disappointed by Marzano on College

My family (including a 3 ½ year old) recently went to the new Marzano on College Avenue. We had reservations and arrived early Friday evening. The waitress was friendly and helpful, immediately finding crayons and paper for the little guy and offered to sweeten his lemonade when he puckered in protest. While the restaurant looks … [Read more…]

“That’s Good, That’s Bad” at Monteverde

This is why we came West; watching our grandson perform in his first preschool play as a giraffe … priceless. Enzo goes to a wonderful little Montessori-type school in Berkeley called Monteverde. From time to time we pick him up at school and take him home with us. His Moms give him plenty of notice, … [Read more…]

Enzo’s New Electric Train

By now anyone who reads my posts knows that our little guy LOVES trains. At home he has wooden trains, pull-back trains, Thomas trains, remote control trains and even candy trains. But his mothers and I thought he was old enough now to enjoy his first HO gauge electric train. So for Christmas I orderd … [Read more…]

New Year in Alamo

What better way to greet the new year than with our grandson Enzo. While Momma Bun and Mommy Colleen attended a late night concert in Oakland, Enzo stayed overnight with Nonni and Poppi. The next afternoon Enzo had everyone marching through the house blowing our official New Yeras horns. Enzo and Colleen Welcome 2010 from … [Read more…]

Icing Gingerbread Cookies

What would Christmas be without Nonni baking (well … icing anyway) cookies with Enzo. Colleen provided the cookies, Nonni the icing, and Enzo the enthusiasm. Enzo and Judy Icing Cookies at Christmas from John DeAngelo on Vimeo.