Trick or Treat!

We had a blast accompanying Enzo on his Halloween adventure.  Together with his moms and his nonni and poppi, Enzo returned to his old neighborhood in the Rockridge area of Oakland.  I must say, I saw more old-fashioned Halloween spirit … maybe more … than when I was a kid growing up in blue collar Paulsboro, NJ.

Enzo Trick or Treat 2010 from John DeAngelo on Vimeo.

Not only did the neighbors open their pumpkin bedecked homes to the little ones, but they were often dressed in colorful costumes or acted in creepy character when they greeted the children.  Enzo rushed from one house to another, refusing to give in to exhaustion, even when he was too tired to climb some very steep steps.  He returned home with a kettle full of kandy.