Bocanova, Oakland

How nice a Father’s Day when your only daughter takes her only father to brunch at a well-regarded Latin American eatery in Oakland. Beautiful day, good food, great companion. We arrived a little early which gave us time to walk the farmer’s market along the bay. I have been to the Oakland Farmers Market before, … [Read more…]

Disappointed by Marzano on College

My family (including a 3 ½ year old) recently went to the new Marzano on College Avenue. We had reservations and arrived early Friday evening. The waitress was friendly and helpful, immediately finding crayons and paper for the little guy and offered to sweeten his lemonade when he puckered in protest. While the restaurant looks … [Read more…]

Good Italian in San Ramon

As recent transplants from the Philadelphia area, we are, of course, used to a range of Italian cuisines from peasant to fine dining (Osteria, for example). While we love the Alamo/Danville area where we now live, unless you travel to North Beach, the pickings are slim when it comes to authentic Italian fare.  That is … [Read more…]

Artisan Bistro

We were looking for someplace nearby to have lunch. We might normally have headed to Gigi’s in Lafayette but we were told it closed several months ago. Since we always enjoyed eating lunch on their patio, we decided to check out what had replaced it … plus, Judy had a good feeling about the new … [Read more…]

From Haddonfield to Gilmore’s in West Chester

This was our first trip to Peter Gilmore’s iconic French-American restaurant in West Chester, PA.  If we were a bit trepidatious about the Gilmore/LeBec-Fin connection and the “stuffiness” factor, our concerns were dispelled by our decidedly upbeat greeter, who I now believe may have been Peter Gilmores’s wife Susan.  This personal touch was reinforced both … [Read more…]

Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night

UPDATE: We had lunch at BB this past Saturday, January 12, and I remembered one of the dishes I liked so much at Max’s … the tiny and light gnocchi in blush sauce. You can go home again. Now back to an earlier review: Well, it wasn’t night, but it was Blackbird …  Dining Establishment, that … [Read more…]

Who Needs a Personal Chef Anyway?

Good question. As it turns out we do.  And if you entertain a lot or a too rushed to prepare healthy meals everyday, maybe you do too. While I still have a lot to learn about what a personal chef can  do for me, one thing I know for sure; finding an affordable, hi-quality, and … [Read more…]

A Pretty Good Lunch Buffet

I needed to find a place to take nine very hungry techno employees that wasn’t too pricey but would satisfy a group of big eaters, so I took them for lunch at Bistro DiMarino. It was a big hit.  For $10 per person, the restaurant offers an Italian salad selection (caprese, gorgonzola/pear, and caesar), a … [Read more…]

Dueces Wild

So it was Martin Luther King’s Birthday, and I figured it would be a good time to take my work crew to lunch. We are eleven, including me, with food interests that vary from fries to fromage. Let’s see, we have persons from India, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Uzbekistan, and one from outer space (just kidding, David). … [Read more…]